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English universities to cap numbers of students on ‘low-value’ degrees

Rishi Sunak will force universities to limit the number of students taking a low-value” degrees in England, a measure which is most likely to hit working class and black, Asian and minority ethnic applicants.

Courses will be capped that do not have a high proportion of graduates getting a professional job, going into postgraduate study or starting a business, the prime minister will announce on Monday.

is will effectively act as a red flag to students. Who wants to apply to a ‘low value’ course?” said one vice-chancellor, who added that universities might also become more cautious over admitting students who might be less likely to graduate or want professional careers.

The concentration on “graduate jobs” and higher salaries may also stop some minority ethnic groups from gaining the benefits of a degree. Higher education sources say number caps could be very damaging in subjects or courses with substantial numbers of students from disadvantaged backgrounds, or disabled or mature students.

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